SUMMER COURSE 2019: Preparation of European Project Proposals
EURADA's Premises, Rue Montoyer 24, Brussels. 2-4th of July, 2019
Scope of the Event

During 3 days of summer course, regional practitioners will acquire knowledge, valuable contacts and skills to prepare high quality project proposals for their regional development agencies. The course is focused on programmes useful for regional development agencies like H2020, COSME, Erasmus+ or Interreg. The project proposals will support territorial cooperation, innovations in companies, and in general the economic development of the territories.


The speakers are former directors of development agencies, people with ongoing high responsibilities on EU projects management and external recognized experts from consultancy companies. The course is very practical, with specific exercises of proposals’ preparation for H2020; however, it will be explained all the interesting calls for regional development agencies.


The course is aimed at practitioners and officers of regional economic development agencies. However it is as well open to any other person working in supporting innovation to companies from clusters, competences centers, industrial associations, chambers of commerce, startups incubators, etc. They will all benefit from the contacts and the practical approach of the course with mentoring by people with a proven track record in managing European projects.

Benefits to participate

First and foremost, this summer course provides regional practitioners a complete view of all the possibilities to prepare project proposals for EU programmes. Participants will get the chance to interact with EU project officers managing the calls and with experienced consultants that can provide useful advice. Furthermore, during the summer course, the regional practitioners will get to work on mock proposals and new project ideas of other regional practitioners in similar situations. Ideally these proposals and the working consortiums established will lead to prepare actual proposals.


The summer course provides to the staff of the European Development Agencies a general knowledge on project preparation and as well useful contacts with other participants from development agencies that will be interesting for the project preparation. The participants will get a good knowledge of useful calls for development agencies, will learn how to prepare a proposal and will have contacts with potential partners.

Structure of the Event


2nd of July morning: foundations of regional economic development
The first condition to prepare a successful project is to make it useful for the development agency or for its territory. A group of former directors of EURADA and Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), will present the interests and aspects to consider for regional economic development.


2nd of July (afternoon): practical exercise of a H2020 proposal
The participants will be able to analise an actual proposal. Wwith the help of EURADA's team, they will improve the communication work package of a proposal for use of big data for smart specialization strategies prioritization and monitoring.


3rd of July (morning): presentation of EU initiatives, programs and calls
Representatives of the European Commission, from national contact points and well-known experienced EU project consultants from leading companies will present specific calls and provide practical insights on how to prepare the different aspects of project proposals. Practical approaches will be given with the project proposals from the participants.


3rd of July (afternoon): Practical exercise on the call peer learning for innovation agencies
The participants will prepare the milestones and deliverables in a mock proposal prepared by EURADA for the call H2020- INNOSUP-05. This call is specifically indicated for innovation agencies and will be illustrated through a practical example that could replicated for future calls.


4th of July (morning): Learning from experience
The last day of the course will have presentations from the staff of the development agencies working in EU projects department. They will provide valuable insights of their daily work and practical advise to the participants from other development agencies.



The course is free of charge


  • Admission to the course;

  • Hand-out documents (also in electronic version);

  • Certificate, if the course is fully attended;

  • Coffee breaks, lunches and 3 networking dinners with the speakers during event days